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A heritage building full of history and character in Mt Pelion, the mountain of the Centaurs.

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History and tradition can meet modern luxury

Nostos - Country House

Rooms & Suite

All accommodation options are different to each other, as there were different historic buildings with different uses and also, we added a touch of our curative study upon which we based the final designs. The slopping hill grounds of the estate gives a different feel to each part of the buildings, where rooms can be first floor or ground floor depending on where the visitor stands. Each room has a different view too, either to the sea, the mountain, the gardens, or the yard of the estate. At the same time, however, we have adopted some basic principles in all our accommodation spaces that are evident in their common features, such as fireplaces, wooden ceiling for most rooms, wood in the bathrooms (from chestnut trees that are abundant in the region), the traditional wooden shutters from inside of the windows, and others common features. To include somehow the mythology around Mt Pelio, which was the mountain of the Centaurs, all our rooms have names of Centaurs. We have the following rooms or suites:

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Breakfast, Food & Drinks

Our traditional Greek breakfast is the ideal start to your day, on one hand being energising to help you with the explorations of beaches or the mountain and on the other filling you up to last you until the first tsipouro later at lunch time. We aim to give you an unforgettable experience.

The breakfast is varied daily as it depends on local produce availability, as much of it is seasonal. It ranges from handmade pies (spinach, pumpkin, wild grass), milk pie, several types of cheese (cottage cheese, gruyere, feta cheese), yogurt with honey and walnuts, cold cuts, salads, fresh eggs for your omelette, sausages, homemade marmalade from local fruits, or fresh orange juice.

Snacks, sandwiches, appetizers and light meals are served throughout the day until late. Coffee/tea and drinks are served either in the living room of the mansion or in various places in our courtyards.

Breakfast - Nostos
Breakfast - Nostos
Breakfast - Nostos

Communal Areas

Indoor common hospitality areas include a living room with a fireplace, the breakfast room, and the function room/library on the mezzanine floor. Outdoor communal areas include the front courtyard and the large courtyard between the main house and the renovated outbuilding.